All aboard for Birmingham?

Mobile’s train karma is high this week. How would you like to be able to take a train from Mobile to Montgomery or Birmingham? It could happen. In our lifetimes.

The feds announced this week that $200,000 in stimulus funds is headed our way to try to figure out whether this is a good idea. Continue reading

Planes, trains or automobiles?

My brother thinks I work for the CIA. He says it’s because I travel so much. It’s not so bad now that I use a cell phone exclusively. It’s harder for him to tell exactly where I am. But he still knows I travel a lot.

Back in the day, I was a stew. Thank goodness that was after they started calling us flight attendants instead of stews.

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R.I.P. Broad Street Texaco

Okay, Oakleighians, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve run off the “big old, monstrous-looking gas station,” (as Jaime Betbeze dubbed it).

On Tuesday, the Mobile City Council voted unanimously to deny the appeal of the developers who were planning to build a Texaco station on Broad St. south of Elmira. Continue reading

It’s not just for foodies: Southern Foodways Alliance

If you like food (and who doesn’t), check out the Southern Foodways Alliance links I just added under Gulf Coast Links and Favorite Blogs. Continue reading

“…we are North Haiti.”

One of Eugene Walter’s most famous quotes about Mobile was his description of the city as, “a separate kingdom. We are not North America; we are North Haiti.” Send your prayers. Better yet, send your money.

(If you don’t know who Eugene Walter is, read the Monkeys tab above).

Blitz tour of Downtown Mobile digs

As promised, I took the downtown home tour, aka “Open House Blitz,” last Sunday, along with Kevin and a handful of other people. Of course, the Saints were playing (although the kickoff was well after the tour ended). That, combined with the soggy weather, pretty much guaranteed the blitz would be a bomb.  Still, it was a good opportunity to get a feel for what’s on the market downtown and what’s going on with prices. Continue reading

Matt, you dirty rat

Yesterday I became MoonPie Fan #9875 on Facebook. Today I learn that Matt Baltzer became fan #10,000, thereby achieving a place in MoonPie history and a year’s supply of MoonPies. Damn, it could have been me. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I wait? A year’s supply of MoonPies!

In the spirit of the Chattanooga Bakery’s generosity, M&M is making the same offer to our 10,000th subscriber. A year’s supply of MoonPies free, you choose the flavor. We’ll even go a case for the 100th subscriber.

And now a word from our sponsors…

My friend (and one of the many M&M subscribers – okay they’re just three) Pam Murphy asked me today whether my sponsors pay me to write Of MoonPies & Monkeys and to blog about them. I wish…. Well, actually I don’t, at least not for now. First of all, I don’t need the pressure when I’m trying to build readership for my blog. So, maybe at some point in the future but for now, it’s just for fun. Here’s a promise: if I do have any sponsors in the future, you’ll know it. So if you’re wondering why I blog about Serda’s a lot, it’s not because they pay me. Continue reading

Grab your camera and go

The Gulf Coast Research Lab in Ocean Springs is offering two events in February for outdoor photography buffs. On February 4, the lab will host An Evening of Images,” a  free visual presentation by nature photographer Tom Ulrich.  This is open to the public and free. On February 5, Tom will offer an Outdoor Digital Photography Workshop. The workshop is $40.

The lab is located one hour from Mobile in Ocean Springs, overlooking the Mississippi Sound. There are fabulous photo opportunities in the area. While you’re there, visit the Walter Anderson Museum for inspiration.

Wanna go to Big Girls’ Camp?

Kevin and I want to go to camp. We’re looking for something like kids’ camp, with a grownup spin. Some outdoor activities (sleeping under the stars, kayaking, maybe a gourmet version of campfire cooking, singing a little Kumbaya). Extreme sports like zip lining for Kevin (I’m afraid of heights). Girlie spa stuff for me (yoga, massage). Maybe some arts & crafts (I’d like to make one more gimp lanyard before I leave this earth).

We haven’t found this yet but I did find something last year called Becoming an Outdoors Woman. It sounded like so much fun that I went last October. It’s a nationwide program that’s offered twice a year in Alabama. Continue reading