So why is this blog named Of MoonPies and Monkeys? If you don’t get the MoonPie part, you’re not from around these parts, are you? And if you’re not a Mobilian, well…let’s just say MoonPies are to Mobile what the Apple is to New York City. Or the Peach to Atlanta (except we don’t have 47 streets with “MoonPie” in their names).

And if you’re not sure if you’re a Mobilian, ask yourself: have you ever…

  • yelled, “Hey mister, throw me a MoonPie.”
  • worn a MoonPie hat…while clean and sober.
  • picked up a squashed MoonPie out of the gutter and eaten it.
  • served MoonPie Bienville.

MoonPie News

New MoonPie Flavor. Last Mardi Gras, everyone was scrambling in the gutters for the new peanut butter MoonPies. This year, the brand new Mint Crunch MoonPies will have grown men climbing over small children to get ’em.

MoonPie Fan Club. On January 28th, Matt Baltzer became the 10,000th fan on the MoonPie Facebook page. Chattanooga Bakery honored him with a year’s supply of MoonPies.

Team MoonPie. Wondering how to work off all those MoonPie calories? MoonPie now has a running team. It will field 6 competitive ultra racers in 2010 in events across the country. Check the MoonPie Facebook page for details.

The Perfect Gift. Looking for the perfect Mardi Gras gift for that special someone? How about personalized MoonPies? Or visit the MoonPie Gift Shop for everything from Scooter Pies to a complete RC/MoonPie Party in a Box.

MoonPie Recipes. MoonPie Bienville and other favorites.

MoonPie Fun:

RC and The MoonPies. They bill themselves as a fusion of blues, jazz, funk and country.

The Annual RC and MoonPie Festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

The Intellectual MoonPie:

Moon Pie Press

The small print: MoonPie is a registered trademark of Chattanooga Bakery.


One Response

  1. David Holloway wrote an entire article about the new mint Moonpies in today’s P-R. But remember, you read it here first.

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