Adventures in Mexican Cuisine

Yum, had me some nice, fresh huitlacoche (pronounced “QUEET-la-coh-chay) for dinner last night.  That’s Aztec for corn fungus. Well actually, huitlacoche translates as “raven’s excrement”. Nothing like a little bird poop to get the ol’ taste buds dancing. Continue reading


This morning I woke up to the sound of petardos. The petardos started so early they woke up the gallos (roosters). How charming, I thought. The locals are having fireworks for the 4th of July, in honor of all the American expats that live here in San Miguel de Allende. (But why do they have to start at 6 am?)

Not exactly.

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On the road again…

Woke up this morning* to a steady rain (compliments of Alex) and a serenade of quiquiriquis (that’s Spanish for cockadoodle-doos). I’m in San Miguel de Allende for the next five weeks, studying creative writing. Seemed like a good time to crank the blog back up.

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Update on Rickshaw Sean & his sidekick Cooper

Sean and Cooper share a birthday, and it’s coming up on February 13th. Cooper has put together a wish list: a new dog sweatshirt, heartworm medicine, tick and flea medicine, treats (but no raw hides). No specific birthday list for Sean but you can see a general wish list in my previous post. You can send gifts to 1014 Caroline St., Mobile, AL 36604. They’re here through February 16th.

Let’s show ’em some love, Mobile.

Have you seen the rickshaw man Sean & his dog Cooper tooling around Mobile?

Sean Robinson and Cooper arrived here in Mobile on their rickshaw a week or so ago, a pit stop on their one-year trip around the U.S. Apparently they’re so enamored with Mobile, they’ve decided to settle in for a couple of weeks.

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5000 miles in a kayak? In winter?

Jake Stachovak is approaching Mobile on Day 39 of his 5000 mile solo kayaking trip around the eastern US. He started his voyage from Portage, WS in early December (paddling in WS in December? That could explain why he’s crazy enough to do this. Brain freeze or something).

Jake paddled down the Mississippi River and he’s now approaching Pass Christian, MS and headed our way. I’m guessing he’ll be paddling through Mobile in a couple of days. You can follow his progress on his blog. He welcomes paddling company if anyone wants to join him for a portion.