This event is worth fighting the pollen for: April 15

An outdoorsy book event…outdoors. What a novel idea (‘scuse the pun). Whether you’re a book lover, environmentalist, or you just love the outdoors, you do not want to miss this opportunity to see one of Time Magazine’s 25 most influential Americans speak. Continue reading

Foodie Alert! April 1 & 8

There’s so much going on right now I could just blog all day, and never get out to enjoy the fun and great weather. I have to post this one before I get going this morning since it combines four of my favorite things: eating (especially free food), cooking, books (especially great bookstores like Page & Palette) and the Grand Hotel. Continue reading

Monster Mashup

Monster mashup. I just love a good truck rally, don’t you?

Oh sorry, I’ve got my monsters confused. This isn’t about trucks doing silly things to amuse rednecks. It’s a new category in book publishing. (Or at least new to me which isn’t saying much since I’m so far behind the pop culture curve, I don’t even have a twitter account).

It all started a year ago with the release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, written by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. Continue reading

Bookies Event Alert

Fairhope author Angela Erwin will sign her latest kids’ book, Jumpin’ Jubilee, at Page and Palette on January 21 at 4 pm. For more information, visit the Page and Palette web site.

Can’t make it? You can also buy the book here on Amazon.