Catch a rising star at Serda’s

Serda’s Coffee Shop downtown is another business I like to plug. It offers something for everyone: great coffee, good food, adult beverages, comfy sofas in a laid-back atmosphere and yoga on Thursday nights. What more could you ask for?

How about some of the best local music in town? Continue reading

And now a word from our sponsors…

My friend (and one of the many M&M subscribers – okay they’re just three) Pam Murphy asked me today whether my sponsors pay me to write Of MoonPies & Monkeys and to blog about them. I wish…. Well, actually I don’t, at least not for now. First of all, I don’t need the pressure when I’m trying to build readership for my blog. So, maybe at some point in the future but for now, it’s just for fun. Here’s a promise: if I do have any sponsors in the future, you’ll know it. So if you’re wondering why I blog about Serda’s a lot, it’s not because they pay me. Continue reading

Java Yoga: Thursdays at Serda’s

Last week I promised to report back on the yoga class at Serda’s on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. I’d like to tell you the class was too crowded in that little back room. There was too much noise from the coffee shop. It just didn’t have the right karma.

I’d like to tell you that because I’m worried the class will get too crowded. But the truth is that, while the room was cozy and a little noise did drift back, the karma was just fine thank you very much. Continue reading

Cream & Sugar update

The new coffee shop in Oakleigh on George St. is now open at 6 am, instead of 7 am as originally posted. Don’t look for me there at that hour but you might see Kevin. Click on What’s New to the right for more info on this new spot.

Listen up runners…

Hot off Facebook: … the new Oakleigh coffee shop , Cream & Sugar, would like to start a runners group. Go by @ 351 George St. to vote for a name and times.

I ask you…what could be better than running, then treating yourself to something decadent?

Downdog it at Serda’s

I heard there was a yoga class at Serda’s coffee shop downtown on Thursday evening at 6 pm. I’m constantly looking for classes that are convenient in terms of time and location, and that aren’t toooo expensive. I’m headed out in a little while to check it out and I’ll report back.

Free Cookies, Coffee & Cocoa. Sweet.

The new Cream & Sugar coffee shop in the Oakleigh Garden District has been open since 12/26 but today is the official grand opening. To celebrate, they’re offering free cookies, coffee and cocoa all day (the actual opening ceremony will be at 3:00 pm). Now you know if there’s free cookies, I’m going to be there.  I’ve never been to Cream & Sugar before so I’ll report back on my first impressions tomorrow. Click the link in the right sidebar for more info, including a menu and hours.