Kiss your ash goodbye this Ash Wednesday

I stole this title from a Heroes ad in the Lagniappe. It was too good to resist and I’m going to plug the restaurant so it’s okay, right?

First I should say that Heroes is one of our favorite restaurants downtown. Love the grilled tuna salad. Every time we go there I think I’ll order something else. But I never do. Same thing with Kevin.

Love the deck. The perfect place to enjoy the Mobile weather, especially when there’s something going on in Cathedral Square. The prices are great, the vibe is good. What more could you ask for?

How about no smoke? Done. On February 17, 2010, Heroes will go smoke free inside. HAAA-lay-lou-ya. Continue reading

Need a little healing after Mardi Gras?

Who doesn’t? My church, Conscious Mile Center for Spiritual Living, has two unique concert events coming up to help you renew and regroup after the over-indulgences of Mardi Gras: A Tibetan Bowl concert on Feb. 21 and a Didgeridoo concert on Feb 24. If you’re into meditation (or even if you’re not), read on… Continue reading