Bell Buckle, TN claims world’s largest MoonPie: June 19

First it was NOLA claiming to have started Mardi Gras. Now Bell Buckle is claiming the world’s largest MoonPie. Where will it end? ┬áSomeone needs to alert the Mobile Bay Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Or at least Fred Richardson.

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Matt, you dirty rat

Yesterday I became MoonPie Fan #9875 on Facebook. Today I learn that Matt Baltzer became fan #10,000, thereby achieving a place in MoonPie history and a year’s supply of MoonPies. Damn, it could have been me. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I wait? A year’s supply of MoonPies!

In the spirit of the Chattanooga Bakery’s generosity, M&M is making the same offer to our 10,000th subscriber. A year’s supply of MoonPies free, you choose the flavor. We’ll even go a case for the 100th subscriber.