Be healthy the au naturel way: April 10

No, this isn’t about nudist colonies (got your attention though, didn’t it?). It’s about healthcare. Waaaaay too complicated a topic for a single blog post. Suffice it to say I’m a big fan of holistic and alternative healthcare. This Saturday, the Gulf Coast Holistic Health Fair will give you an opportunity to learn about holistic heathcare options Continue reading

Yoga under the big blue sky: April 3-May 22

Last fall we went to Thailand. One of the things I saw there was a large group of women practicing yoga in the park. I really wanted to join them but I didn’t have a mat or anything close (I shoulda done it anyway). Yoga outdoors. Ahhhhh.

One of my M&M stringers alerted me yesterday to a new outdoor all levels yoga class. Continue reading

Need a little healing after Mardi Gras?

Who doesn’t? My church, Conscious Mile Center for Spiritual Living, has two unique concert events coming up to help you renew and regroup after the over-indulgences of Mardi Gras: A Tibetan Bowl concert on Feb. 21 and a Didgeridoo concert on Feb 24. If you’re into meditation (or even if you’re not), read on… Continue reading

Java Yoga: Thursdays at Serda’s

Last week I promised to report back on the yoga class at Serda’s on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. I’d like to tell you the class was too crowded in that little back room. There was too much noise from the coffee shop. It just didn’t have the right karma.

I’d like to tell you that because I’m worried the class will get too crowded. But the truth is that, while the room was cozy and a little noise did drift back, the karma was just fine thank you very much. Continue reading

Downdog it at Serda’s

I heard there was a yoga class at Serda’s coffee shop downtown on Thursday evening at 6 pm. I’m constantly looking for classes that are convenient in terms of time and location, and that aren’t toooo expensive. I’m headed out in a little while to check it out and I’ll report back.