On the road again…

Woke up this morning* to a steady rain (compliments of Alex) and a serenade of quiquiriquis (that’s Spanish for cockadoodle-doos). I’m in San Miguel de Allende for the next five weeks, studying creative writing. Seemed like a good time to crank the blog back up.

Sorry for my extended absence but between the oil spill (it’s probably not coincidental that my last blog, on how to volunteer, was soon after this oil spill debacle started), preparing for this trip and various other distractions, I got off on a tangent and couldn’t seem to reel myself back in.

Eugene would be proud of me. As you know (or if you don’t, click on the Monkeys tab above), Eugene loved to travel. He spent the 40s in New York City, the 50s in Paris and the 60s in Rome, before moving back to Mobile in the 70s. Throughout it all, he carried a shoebox of Alabama red clay. Of course, that was in the day of steamer trucks and before you had to pay to check bags. Red clay is heavy so I’m not carrying any Bama dirt.

Back to the quiquiriquis. San Miguel (more commonly known as SMA) has the feel of a small town but it’s not. It’s a city of about 80,000 people, just a little smaller than Mobile. There are no yards to speak of here. Typical Mexican city streetscapes: front doors open directly onto cobbled streets with no more than a two foot sidewalk. So where the heck do the roosters live? In the tiny courtyards hidden behind those front doors?

No telling. But roosters mean hens so maybe I’ll find some fresh eggs in the tiendas.

In spite of Alex, getting to SMA estuvo pan comido. Jim Cramer sat across the aisle from me on the plane. Unfortunately I’d never heard of him or Mad Money so I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to get the latest 411 on where I should invest my money. One of my fellow travelers asked him if he was investing in SMA. According to her, he said someone had stolen some money from him then used it to build three houses down in San Miguel. He has a judgement against them and is down here to claim his money or houses or whatever. Or at least that’s the way I understood the somewhat convoluted story.

Pssst. There may be more to the story. Turns out Cramer started twittering about San Miguel on June 2. In one tweet he said, and I quote, “I mention the real estate because on my twitter video i am asked about housing, San Miguel is for investment.” I was intrigued enough that I even joined twitter so I can follow him.

So among other things, I’m going to be stalking Jim Cramer while I’m down here and trying to figure out what he’s up to. If I get any good investment secrets, I’ll pass them along here.

Hasta luego (later gator).

* Truthfully it was yesterday morning, my first day in SMA. It took me until today to get this posted.


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  1. love it….send post card…109 item…zip 07….

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